28377 467th Ave | Lennox, SD 57039


We are open Saturday & Sunday from 9am - 5pm

Please call for information, or to schedule an appointment outside of these hours.

About Us

East Sawmilling and Furniture is a locally owned and operated sawmill and custom furniture builder in Lennox, South Dakota. Owners Matt and Amy East have over 20 years of experience in the woodworking and building industries. As a small-town sawmill and furniture maker, the company is focused on providing quality milled products and custom wood furniture built with exceptional craftsmanship. At East Sawmilling, you will find honesty, fair prices and quality workmanship.

If you have a piece of lumber, Matt will cut it to your specifications to accommodate your project or you can choose from his premier lumber products. Matt uses a variety of carefully selected lumber to create beautiful furniture pieces for your home or business. Some of the most popular items for sale at East Sawmilling and Furniture are tables, cabinets, benches, mantels, bars, home decor, and signs. Matt takes the time to inspect each piece of lumber to ensure a beautiful grain pattern, strength and overall appearance.

Amy is a master sign designer and crafter. If you are looking for a gift, a business sign, or an inspirational reminder, she can help you with any of your wooden sign needs. Check out some of her work on the home décor page.

East Sawmilling and Furniture takes pride in reducing wood waste. Each year hundreds of trees are cut down, chipped, turned into fire wood or end up in the landfill. Their goal is to save these trees from being discarded as waste. In addition, they repurpose barn wood and old wood into new beautiful furniture.

If you have old wood or barn wood that you think they might be interested in, give them a call and they will be happy to take a look. Many new homes are being built and designed with a more "rustic" look. To meet this need, they specialize in rustic work milling and wood trim for new or existing homes.

They look forward to filling all your lumber, sawmilling and custom wood furniture needs. Their showroom in Lennox, South Dakota, showcases a variety of masterly crafted wood slabs, signs and wood furniture. Contact East Sawmilling with any questions you may have.

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